STATUS Quality Management System

Our all inclusive service - always there for our customers no matter what happens. We never charge by the hour - no implementation, no fee.

CRM has worked in a wide range of industries and marketplaces. We have gained exposure to almost every conceivable workforce structure, with clients operating in manufacturing, construction, distribution and service industries, as well as professional sectors. We have dealt at every level both formally and informally with office and shop floor staff, trade unions, management and boards of directors. CRM succeeds because our policy is to offer honesty, integrity and open professionalism.

The company began in 1993 as a division of a chartered accountancy practice. The rapid acceptance of our unique solutions has seen the business accelerate in size and scope. Today, we have a specialist team developing and delivering highly innovative employee benefit and human resource applications, unlocking savings for each business that we serve.

A feature of our business is to respond quickly to the ever changing legislative background as well as our clients evolving businesses.


  • Free initial consultation
    Free reports detailing savings
    Free company policy documentation
    Free board level presentations
    Free employee literature
    Free software and installation
    Free one-to-one employee communication





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